Sonntag, 13. April 2014


Hey cuties =)

Wie findet ihr mein Kleid? Also ich liebe es, hab es von lookbookstore ! Besucht mal deren Onlineshop, es gibt sehr viele schöne Teile <3 Außerdem sind die Preise ganz toll!

What do you think about my new dress? I love it, got it from lookbookstore ! Check out their onlineshop! So many beautiful pieces <3 Furthermore their prices are amazing!

xoxo biluca <3


  1. You take images are wrong way, your body, legs are more dark than your face and seem bigger than your head ,when Takhin image Try to be a camera little higher than yor body ! On the other hand you have beauty face ;-)

  2. Das Kleid sieht wunderschön aus ! :)